Vogue Visionaries - Modelling

It was hard to narrow down what I would like to showcase most; as I lack confidence but decided that in the end.  I wanted to showcase the efforts of the teams I have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis.  Who capture me effortlessly and bring me to life; it took me years to discover the person I wanted to become and the way I wanted people to perceive me.  I come from a background of beautiful multi-cultural heritage, I am everything society deems models shouldn't be - short, curvy, modified - standing against the odds today.

This is a small selection of images I have shortlisted as my entry - this selection of images of me will be credited appropriately.  In order of first to last:

Ghostlight Photography (Shot at Sowton Studio, Devon, UK)

Omz (London, UK)

Purple Gecko Photography (Devon, UK)

Matt Belshaw (Devon, UK)

By Ghost Light Photography at Sowton Studios, Devon