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Chloe Valentine

Everything you need to know. 

Welcome!  I'm a part time model, photographer and content creator based within the South West of England.  Having two years experience now, I've decided that now would be a great opportunity to create a website that will showcase my talents, my knowledge as well as what I have available to offer when being booked for shoots, or offering content on my fan sites! 
I'm a 5'5 curvy woman with multicoloured hair, olive skin and a variety of tattoos.  The tattoos are relatively small but I believe they add character to my body.  I'm able to put outfits together, do my hair and makeup to a high standard and pose effortlessly with or without guidance.  I also am available to model at different studios as well! 


A little about what I do. 

I started modelling after entering a competition in March 2019.  Since then I've taken my own incentive to bolster my confidence and create a stance in the community with my unique look and great work ethic. 
I used to be so insecure in front of a camera, but now I take control from not only the front but also the back of the camera.  I've bolstered in confidence since starting this journey and it's sky rocketed ever since.  I have a passion for what I do. 

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So around the same time or just before modelling, I also stumbled upon sites where I could post exclusive content people wouldn't be allowed to see any where else. It was more intimate and more raw than anything I've ever experienced before.  I've done a variety of things on my sites such as live stream/camming, custom content and posting over 1000 odd images and videos for all to view at an affordable price. 
You can find me at or to see what things I get up to that no one else can know about. 

Update: I will be retiring from ONLYFANS and will be aiming to become an exclusive couples account on JUST FOR FANS.

Shot by Andy MCG, I am laying on a bed
Shot by Nineteenten, I am wearing coloured powder while looking at a car mirror

Lower tier shoot package

This is for levels from portraiture through to lingerie.  I am offering one price that covers all these levels so you can pick and choose without the hassle. This includes fashion and cosplay as well as any other styles of fashion you can think of.   £25 per hour. 

Ghost light photography - I am sitting on a bed

Higher tier package

This is where it gets more intimate - I offer levels from sheer to art nude here. I have a passion for the beauty of the female anatomy and I'm sure you do too! It's all covered in this package. £35 per hour. 

Self shot- I am sitting on a floor

Tethered shoot bookings

This one here is for those who can't travel to me or aren't local to the area.  I have a canon 4000d and two speedlites with a beautiful lounge in my flat full of white walls though we also have some pretty places nearby. 
For images deemed SFW the price is £1.50 per image. 
NSFW images are £2.50 each.  A minimum of 10 images for you to make the most out of this! 

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One-on-One Sessions: Photography

I am offering one to one sesions with my camera, this will primarily be time for prints - and you have the flexibility to choose what you want to shoot! 
At this moment, I'm only looking to shoot fashion and lingerie levels, but if you wanted to do something different; do not hesitate to pop me a message! 

Me in make up shot against a grey backdrop

Studio hire / Touring

While I can offer my flat to shoot in, it's very limited and nothing compared to the amazing studios that have been put together by photographers in the area!  If you book me for a studio shoot at one of my regular studios, I'll offer discounted rates for our time shooting together (studio hire costs is down to the discretion of the studio owners).  I have great contacts who might be able to provide you with everything you need! 
For this year, I plan to tour to the following locations:- London: 19th - 20th JULY
-Hampshire: POSTPONED
-Cornwall: TBC

-Spain: TBC

-Cardiff: AUTUMN 2021
I will be hosting at air bnbs/hotels but happy to travel to locations or shoot at studios as well. 


Let's see what magic we can create together! 

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